Cedar Shakes For Your Home: The What, The How, The Why

Cedar shakes for your home

With summer approaching, you may be looking to jazz up your home’s appearance and give it a warmer, more classic look. If that’s the case, you may be interested in learning more about a popular style of roofing known as cedar shakes. Cedar Shakes can be the perfect addition for your home to add curb appeal.

How are Cedar Shakes Made?

Traditionally, cedar shakes were created from hand split lumber logs and that is why they evoke such a timeless feel. Today, they can still be hand split using a special tool or machine produced with a hydraulic press for that same highly sought-after charm of authentic hand split shakes. Depending on whether the craftsmen flip the block over during the shaping process, cedar shakes can be uniform in thickness or tapered. Instead of being milled with a saw on both ends, like cedar shingles, shakes tend to be thicker (from ½” to ¾”) than shingles which tend to be ⅜” to ½”.

What do Cedar Shakes Look Like?

Mirroring the cross grain of the original log, cedar shakes have more of an uneven and textured surface. This unique appearance can lend your roof rusticness. For some homeowners seeking to add that special touch to their home and make their home stand out on in their neighborhood, cedar shakes may be a great option. Though with the proper roofing company, any option from asphalt to tile to metal roofing (all of which Bill’s Roofing also specializes in!) will make your home stunning and suited for your personal style, some may prefer the traditional look of the cedar shake.

The installation of shakes and shingles differ as well. Because of the unique way that shakes lay on the roof, fitting not as flat as shingles do, they require a felt paper layer between installations to prevent any potential wind blown precipitation from accumulating in between the shakes’ gaps. With proper installation, shakes can last a long time!

What is the Installation and Maintenance of Cedar Shakes Like?

Both cedar shakes and shingles are very durable and age well, oftentimes looking even more attractive with the years if properly maintained. Some homeowners may be worried that using wood as their roofing material may be less protective than other options but there are many ways to increase their durability. Cedar shakes and shingles can be pressure treated and chemically preserved to be fire resistant. In addition, professional roofers can help treat your wood to make it less susceptible to the elements and the build up of unwanted mold or rot. Treated wood can survive up to 30 years on a roof, which is a similar life span as asphalt. Cedar shakes and wood are also great for resisting incredible wind speeds, even up to 200 miles per hour!

Are Cedar Shakes Right for Me?

There are many different options for your roof, from the western red cedar to the Alaskan red cedar. Though they may cost more than the more ubiquitous asphalt or metal roofs, if you are looking to invest in the long term value of your home, you can contact us at Bill’s Roofing to see if this is the right option for you.